The Neighborhood Precinct Strategy

February 19, 2011

The Neighborhood Precinct Strategy in NH

In New Hampshire the Republican Party Organizations at the state, county and municipal levels do not endorse candidates in primaries. State Republican primaries in New Hampshire can often be heated contests that can go negative pretty easily. State primaries in NH are usually low turnout affairs where the voters are more informed and more motivated to vote. The most successful candidates are those candidates that build strong activist networks needed to get out the vote. The best way for candidates to get their message out and build their activist networks is for them to speak at Republican Town Committee meetings. Republican Town Committee members can often speak one on one with the candidates and are often the most knowledgeable about their communities.

Massachusetts Democrats and the Neighborhood Precinct Strategy.

The Democrats in Massachusetts have been using the Precinct Strategy and have dominated the political scene for more than a half century. The Town and Ward Committees in Massachusetts assign precinct captains to each precinct to coordinate the get out the vote effort as part of a combined campaign for democrat candidates. The lopsided victories by Democrats in Massachusetts  have allowed the  Massachusetts Democrats to export their activists, their money and their neighborhood precinct strategy to other states like New Hampshire a to help their cause.


This next election will be the biggest in our lifetime. We have a 15 trillion dollar debt, high unemployment and a declining standing in the world. This isn’t time to be a shrinking violet or a happy little duck because we did so well in 2010. The Democrats will be coming back and will be meaner and nastier than ever. The time to get involved in the 2012 get out the vote effort starts now. The GOP not having a Presidential nominee is no excuse for not getting involved with your local Republican Party and start organizing for 2012. The re election of Barack Obama should never be acceptable to anyone who calls themselves a conservative. Isn’t giving up a few hours a worth it to help take our country back.